Summer "To Do List"

Monday, June 29, 2015

You will soon notice that i’m a list-addict. I make lists for anything and everything just for the satisfaction of having done someting even when it's not really significant. Hoover the house : check. Clean desk : check. Brush my teeth : check (yes it can be that bad sometime …). So of course i made myself a to-do list for the summer.

This year is the first year in my life i barely had a month of summer holidays. All my free time was in May and i didn’t really got to enjoy it fully because i was sick for half of it. Yay. Anyway, now i have to reach my summer objectives while doing an internship. This is going to be tricky !

To do when i’m not at work or trying nap my way through summer

Getting better at blogging on a regular basis
I am putting my best effort into it guys ! I really feel like this blog is going to last. It makes me happy to write and to find things to talk about. It also gives me a lot of motivation for doing things which is something i didn’t always had these past years. I want it to be my special project and i hope i’ll keep writing indefinitely :)

Running for 30 minutes straight without dying
Ok so you experienced runners may think this is ridiculous but i am a novice and right now i can only run for 20 minutes without passing out on the side of the road. I now have two months to try to survive ten more minutes when i go for a run. Baby steps guys, baby steps ! I’ll keep you posted on that front ;)

Catch up with as much TV shows as i can before they all start again
I am one of those people who start watching a new show when they already have 10 to finish. I know, it’s bad. And if that’s what you thought too when you read the first sentence then take a seat because, yes, i am currently watching 35 TV shows at the same time. There it is, the truth has come out *go hide in a corner*. Anyway i have to watch the most i can so i’m not completely lost when they all start again at the same time. Hashtag first world problem, right ? 

Experiment more with my camera
This is something blog-related of course. I want to be able to take better pictures for my blog and for myself. I will be near the sea every weekend for the next two months so i hope to take some good shots in this beautiful scenery and to be a pro when September comes (if only !).

Go see people
That one is a reminder to stop hibernating at home and go socialize for god’s sake ! I am not a party animal and i am rather introverted so if you give me a choice between going clubbing or staying home i won’t have to think very hard. So i need to make a little bit more effort this summer and go see people even if it’s in situations i’d rather not be in. Plus, everybody has more time during the summer so it’s ideal to catch up with friends !

Read the books that were on my "Summer book list" last summer
I said i liked to make lists, i never said i always did all they said i had to ! Last summer i did a “Summer book list” to read but i never really finished them all. I think i still have two half read and another two i never even start. Of course i also have some more books i purchased recently that made the list so i better get started !

Catch up with some sleep
I started my internship in June and i have had a hard time getting used to this new rhythm. The last three years at the university were irregular in terms of schedule. Sometimes i had classes all day long, sometimes i had four hours in the day, sometimes i didn’t have any. As a result, i am now struggling to get up early every morning of the week and finishing late. I know most people would say “well, that’s real working-life dear, get used to it”, and i will, in due time.

I’d love to know what you planned this summer ? What are you goals ? 
In the meantime i’m going to take a nap in the sun like my lazy cat in the picture !
Have a nice day :)


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