Hello and welcome !

My name is Manon. I am a 23 year old french blogger.
On this blog, you may have noticed that I go by M. as my first name is very french and contains sounds that don't exist in english (and no, my name is not pronounced Ma-none. Ew!).

At about 13 or 14 years old, I started to develop a passion for the beautiful english language and after a school trip to England I decided I wanted to live there someday. I remember falling in love with London during my second trip to this gorgeous city and now I am officially obsessed! 
So if you were wondering why I named my blog this way, here is your hint.

On this blog I want to talk about everything that I love and am passionate about. This is my hobby so my goal is just to have fun writing to you all and expressing my creative side. 
I hope you'll enjoy my blogging journey with me !

Until next time dear reader :)


(PS: You might find mistakes in my english along the way and for that I am sorry. If something truly makes your eyes bleed, please feel free to point it out for me so I can correct it.)