Music of the month #1

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Music is one of those things i can’t live without. I can’t get through a single day without it. I love discovering new bands. I love being on the bus with my headphones on, inside my comfortable little bubble, away from the real world, mesmerised by a beautiful song. I love singing at the top of my lung while cooking (‘cause let’s be honest, that’s the only way i’ll agree to cook) even if i don’t particularly know the words nor sing very well. I love when listening to a song makes me laugh. I love when the lyrics are so beautiful it makes me cry.

Today I just wanted to share the love and tell you what I like to listen to at the moment.

James Bay – Collide
Sam Smith – Like I can
Lilly wood & the prick – Heyit’s ok
Hozier – Sedated
Highly Suspect – Lydia
Foals – Spanish Sahara

Enjoy :)


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