The summer haircut

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hello there ! How’s it going ?

I’ve got a new haircut ! I told you about it here but now it’s finally done and i’m really happy about it !

I know i never posted a picture of how i look naturally so let me tell you a little about my annoying hair. I am a brunette with very fine and flat hair. I had it long for a very long time and i only started to try and play with it three years ago when i started college.

This year i thought summertime was the best time to cut my hair short. This way, it will have time to grow back for the winter when i really need it to help keep my ears and neck warm (don’t laugh, it’s a thing, i am so cold all the time that my hair is necessary, ahah). I also chose to put a little more blond in my hair for a fresher and more summery look and i looooove it !

I actually went twice to the hairdresser. The first time i think i was a little bit too careful and i didn’t dare cut too much so i had to go back three weeks and a lot of thinking later. Classic me ! I really liked it the first time though, but i was too impatient to try and cut my hair even shorter to wait for next summer.  Oh well.

Anyway, i am really satisfied with my hair right now and that is all that matters. The shorter it is, the more volume i get and that is awesome ! I keep getting amazed at how big it is compared to the time i had it long. It’s so fluffly i’m gonna die !!!!


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