Sunday, November 19, 2017

Today I wanted to talk a little about why I started blogging.

I have always had blogs – some lasted a few months, others a week. To be honest, I don’t even remember why I started blogging for the first time ever back when I was 13. But what I know is that I’ve always liked the idea that you could talk about anything you want and explore your creativity through blogging. 

Nowadays, bloggers are not a rare species. However, everyone has different motivations when it comes to why they started blogging. Some people blog as a hobby and others for business purposes, some blog to keep in touch with their families and friends, some use their blog as therapy. There are so many reasons to start blogging!  

Here are the reasons I decided to start blogging on M. and the Queen:

A personal challenge 

As I’ve said before, I have had many blogs over the years but none of them lasted very long. I’m always thinking of new project ideas but most of them don’t go further than the planning stage. So with this blog I wanted to challenge myself to commit to this project and develop it further than I ever did before.

M. and the Queen is not a new blog. I created it in 2015 but it took me 3 years to finally find my rhythm and getting properly involved. I think that, in the past, I wanted to post too much too soon and when I saw that I couldn’t follow through I gave up entirely. Today though, I feel like I am going in the right direction! The goal I have set myself is to post once a week so I have time to write, take pictures and edit them in time. So far, I’ve posted as many blog posts in 4 months as I did in two years. I say it’s definitely progress!

To improve the skills relevant to my career 

A few days ago, I finally found my first job and my blog, which was discussed during the interview, actually helped me get it. Indeed, as a graduate with a master’s degree in International Marketing I think that blogging can provide a relevant and useful experience to help me get better at my job. Writing a blog is a good exercise for me to learn new skills and perfect the ones I already have. For instance, blogging regularly makes me practice my writing skills. It also gives me the opportunity to improve my photography skills and to learn how to use Photoshop to edit my pictures. When I needed to set up the design of my blog I got to learn some HTML and CSS. And now that my blog is running, I get to do some community management in order to build an audience.

To improve my English

As you may or may not know, my mother tongue is not English. I am French and have always lived in France but I chose to blog in English because I’m so completely in love with this language. Always have been! I’ve taught myself this wonderful language over the years and even did my master’s degree in an international school where I got to speak English all the time. However, I won’t pretend I’m perfect at it so in an effort to improve myself even more I decided to write my little corner of the internet in the language I love most in the world. 

To help the introvert in me

Being an introvert is part of who I am. I don’t think it is drawback or a flaw but simply another way to interact with the world. However, I sometimes wish I could be more of an extrovert in some situations. Being uncomfortable while doing something doesn’t mean I can’t do it – trying to tame the introvert in me is simply a way to make me less uncomfortable doing those things.
What does it have to do with blogging? Well, two things.
First, as an introvert, blogging is a way to express myself about what love in an environment that is controlled and in which I feel safe. I think it is a first step towards expressing myself better in the real world – growing confident online to grow more confident offline.
Second, it helps me care less about what people think of me. When I was younger, I did not tell anyone I was blogging because I didn’t want people I knew to read what I’d have written. Now, I care less and less. My best friends know the address of my blog, follow me on Instagram where I talk a lot about it, and I can talk freely about it with them without feeling awkward. Also, I now can take a selfie in the street by myself which was literally impossible before because it made me way too uncomfortable. These are little things that may not even matter to you but to me they’re like tiny challenges that, in the end, can make real difference to your life. 

To meet new people

Last but not least, I created this blog to socialize. Yes, you read that right, the introverted girl is trying to meet new people!

I am hoping that at some point, when I finally get some comments and a few more Twitter and Instagram follower, I will get the chance to talk to some lovely people from all over the world who share the same interests as me on a daily basis. And maybe make some incredible friends, who knows? :)

My blog is my hobby and I love it more and more every day. I think it is bringing a lot to my life and I cannot wait to see how it will grow!

Are you a blogger? If so, why did you start blogging? If you are considering starting a blog, why do you want to and why have you not done it yet? I would love to hear from you lovely people in the comments!


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8 commentaires

  1. I can completely relate to all of these! I started blogging because I wanted to try something new and also improve my skills in copywriting and digital! works really well for me as I got jobs coz of that! xx corinne

    1. Blogs are such a great asset!
      Thank you for your comment! You are my first comment on the blog so maybe I am starting to get better at that social media thing ;) x

  2. I started blogging this year because I knew that I wanted to go into Marketing for a career. I put my blog on my CV and it was always a good topic of conversation in interviews because blogging involves so much marketing. I'd like to think that my blog swung it and helped me get my job! It is so good at improving skills with so many things as well. Great post!
    Lois x

  3. I genuinely would never have guessed English isn’t your first language your writing is perfect! I started blogging for a lot of the same reasons you’ve mentioned and I’m so glad I did. I enjoy it so much and I’ve met such lovely people. It’s exceeded my expectations completely xx

    1. You cannot even imagine how happy that makes me! My next goal is to fool english people with a perfect british accent but i'm clearly not there yet ;) Thank you for commenting!

  4. I loved reading this so much! I have quite similar reasons for blogging especially the fact that I’m an introvert and blogging often gives me the chance to share things that I wouldn’t otherwse be able to share, my blog has made me a lot more confident as silly as that sounds! Great post girl and good luck with your blog! xx

  5. I totally agree with the last two points, I feel like when you start blogging you naturally become a social butterfly because everyone you have to talk to is a stranger. It's an amazing motivation to push you out of your comfort zone. I can't believe English isn't your first language!! x


    1. Right?! It's like the first time I am actively trying to be social and not hating it! Blogging is amazing!
      Ahah, this is like the best compliment ever. I wish I could also pass as an english native when i speak :') x