Christmas Wishlist 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hello I’m back! 

I am very sorry about the radio silence these past few months but I have been busy with work and work and more work. Anyway, now that I am finally on holidays, I am posting a very late little Christmas wishlist in hope that Santa does fast shipping.

So here are some ideas for you (or just some random things I want for Christmas). Enjoy !

Watch – I actually noticed this watch on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the design. It is black, classy and the kind of velvety strap makes it a little more original. This one is a bit expensive however, but you can find cheaper similar ones easily.

Perfume – Eau de toilette by Chloe. Love it !

Bag – Because you can never have too many bags. I really like the shape and texture of de fabric, it’s like a croco-effect suede. So pretty !

Lipstick – I think what I said about bags can be said for lipsticks: 40 million is not enough! I actually wanted to try the Audacious range of lipsticks by Nars for a while but these are not cheap so I think Christmas is a reasonable excuse to buy some (the shade in the picture is called Vera). I will definitely be doing a review on this beauty (hopefully before spring ahah ;))!

Shoes – I think I might have an obsession with shoes and it’s kind of getting out of hand… So of course I put (burgundy) shoes on my wishlist because everyone should always have burgundy shoes on their wishlist. It’s a fact.

I am definitely going to write more now than I have some free time so stay tuned, I have some ideas for posts to come :)

Have a happy Christmas everyone !


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