Thursday, November 02, 2017

I have always liked fashion. When I was little, I would create fashion shows with my friends and wear an old pair of my grandma’s stiletto heels I found in her attic stuffed with tissues so I could (sort of) walk in them with my small feet. I have always loved buying clothes and styling them regardless of the trends – no one would ever make me wear trainers with heels, you can quote me on that!

I used to be completely oblivious to designer pieces though. I wouldn’t look for them online as the prices would make me want to cry and I didn’t go to high end designer shops because I knew in advance that it wouldn’t be in my price range so I didn’t even bother going in – and also I was sure the security guy would just eye me like a hawk the whole time because he would somehow know I am a broke 23 yo that cannot possibly afford anything in the shop just by looking at me.

However, working for Dior as a hostess for the past few months while looking for my first proper job post-college, I had the chance to see whole collections that are not out yet and pieces that will never even be sold in the shops. Every day I see people walking past me wearing Dior from head to toe like my own Dior fashion show. I admit that with my limited experience in fashion I think that a lot of the pieces look weird – I just don’t get most of it really. However, there is one thing I absolutely LOVED from the 2017 collections: the bags. 

Maria Grazia Chiuri designed a collection of flap bags with guitar-type shoulder straps in different colours and styles. My absolute favourites are definitely the ones with the blue or red ethnic kind of designs adorned with aged silver-tone medallions. I think it really gives the bags a unique personality and such a cool rock’n’roll vibe! I’m in love!

Then you can also find the same large straps in a more traditional design to match the bags.

I absolutely love the indigo blue colour of this DIO(R)EVOLUTION flap bag. I think it is the perfect bag to give a pop of colour to your outfit while staying kind of neutral still. It also exists in red and off-white. 

The final Dior bag I fell in love with is a bit different from the ones above. It is smaller than the other bags and has a golden chain instead of a strap. The ‘La lune aux oiseaux’ design hand-painted on that deep blue suede calfskin flap bag looks absolutely magical and unique. And it reminds me of a gorgeous dusted blue suede jacket with the same kind of design on the back aka the jacket of my dreams, so of course I love it!

I think that I have never been this enthusiastic about bags in my life! So, of course, the one time I am it would be about Dior bags. I think I’ll just put them on my lust list and go look at them when I am feeling down or something. I am still hoping someone will offer me one for no reason whatsoever but I think I can keep dreaming!

What about you? Do you have a favourite? What is on YOUR lust list? 


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