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Friday, May 22, 2015

Today i felt like writing an update on my life right now so you can get to know me a little bit better and what i am up to at the moment.

I have to admit that i had many (MANY) blogs throughout the years but i’ve never been as motivated and inspired as i am for this one. I am so determined to go back to blogging properly and do stuff to show you guys. I already have so many ideas for future posts !

I think this burst of motivation is caused by the return of the sun. It does things to me, it’s crazy ! The other day i was watching outside my window and thought : “I really want to go out for a run !”. True story. That thought actually crossed my mind, i swear. I’m telling you : it is NOT typical M’s behaviour AT ALL. But you know, thinking that made me really happy and really motivated to DO stuff, to go outside and make the most of the little time the sun is out there. I don’t miss those depressing grey clouds and stupid rain, trust me.

Anyway, i’m gonna have to wait a little more before going out there again because my ribs hurt and as it is painful when i sleep i can’t imagine what it would feel like while running. Fun fact about me : I have very bad luck at every beginning of vacations. Two years ago my laptop died the first day and this year i fell ill literally the night of my last day of exams. So, i’ve been sick for two weeks, coughed so much i hurt my ribs and now in my third week of vacation i am still not at 100%. It’s a conspiracy, i can’t see any other explanation !

In other news, i graduated yesterday ! *happiness dance* I now officially have a “Licence” (3 years degree at the university in France) in information and communication. Next September i am starting a Master of Science in International Marketing, so keep an eye open, i might talk about my college experience in the future.

Another exciting news : I’m getting my hair cut next week. I am little bit terrified because i want to cut shorter than i ever did before but i hope it’s gonna turn out good and that i am going to love it ! Keep an eye out for a post about this as well !

So here it is, my little update for you lovely people. What about you ? What have you been up to recently ?
Also, what would you want me to talk about in my blog ? I’m interested in your opinion, it may give me more ideas to write about!

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