Cannes 2015 - My favourite dresses

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I meant to post this earlier but i have been busy lately and i started to postpone and postpone again this Cannes inspired post. Sorry about that !

I have never really been one to follow big events like Cannes’ festival but i found myself enjoying to watch the people on the red carpet on the internet afterwards. I love fashion and i love pretty thing so what better place to watch than the red carpet. Every year, at every event we can see some truly beautiful dresses (and some really weird ones, we can all agree on that) and i wanted to share some of my absolute favourites with you. So i kept a close eye on that famous red carpet this year and i have to admit that i really enjoyed making a selection for you even if it was hard to choose. Every day i looked online to find more and more that i loved and i ended up with 20 looks to choose from ! Anyway, it was fun and i think I’ll do it again in the future for other events. 

The Prada dress Dianne Kruger wore was definitely one of my favourites this year. I think she looked absolutely stunning in that dress ! On the right is Lily Donaldson wearing a long, quite simple shaped, sparkly Saint Laurent dress. Enough said, i love it !

Shu Qi and Naomi Watts were both wearing Elie Saab’s dresses. I think i fell in love with this stylist straight away. I love everything he does. I mean look at this gorgeous flower dress and that fluffy one !! So pretty ! I might just write a little post just about Elie Saab in the future because i am that obsessed !

Mélanie Laurent and Petra Nemcova were both gorgeous wearing Zuhair Murad dresses. This is another stylist i quite enjoyed on the red carpet this year !

I found the Dior dress that Emma Stone was wearing made her look very classy. And last but not least, Fan Bing Bing in a Marchesa dress looked magical. Doesn’t it make you think of a fairy with all the flowers in her hair and everything ? I feel like she belongs in an enchanted forest, singing with birds … ahah !

After looking at my selection i think the only conclusion i can make is that i love long, light coloured, sparkly/flowery dresses. I didn’t even noticed when i picked them. Anyway, i am sorry again for the delay. I know Cannes' festival has ended a long time ago but i didn't have time before and i still wanted to post this because i really enjoyed making it !

What were your favourite looks on Cannes’ red carpet this year ? 

Have a nice day !


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  1. I love the simplicity of Emma Stone's Dior dress. It's stunning. :]

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