LIFE UPDATE: Moving out

Friday, July 21, 2017

Moving out was a big stepping stone last year when, at 21 years old, I finally left my mom’s house to move to Paris for my end of study internship. This was a big life event I had been waiting for for years so it had a special kind of importance to me. I was so excited and a little bit nervous, especially as I was to live with flatmates for the first time, but at the same time I was so ready for my brand new experience in a new city.

Fast forward one year and here I am in need a change of scenery.

Living with flatmates is great when you get along well (and hell when you don’t) but I have always liked the peace of being alone at home, especially as I spend quite a lot of my time there. Also, as my place was already furnished, I did not get to pick any furniture or home decoration that I actually liked. It was my choice to do it like this in the beginning because it was so much easier as I just had to bring my clothes when I moved, but it also meant that I never truly felt at home in this place. It was more like a place of transition in my life where I was waiting, without really knowing for how long, for the day I was going to finally “start” my life properly.

That is why I decided to live by myself for the first time ever. And let me tell you, I bloody love it!

I found the perfect little apartment in a very cute and quiet neighborhood in Paris. It is smaller but cozier and exactly what I needed. I cannot tell you how excited I am for all the home décor shopping and furniture building (yes you read that right, I actually like building Ikea furniture) that is ahead of me! I mean, isn’t it the best part about moving out to a new place? Be prepared for posts about home stuff in the near future.

In short, moving out was like starting a new chapter of my life and I am already ten times happier since I took that decision!

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